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Simple Solution for Osteoarthritis of the Knee
by The Pinnacle Integrated Health Team

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Osteoarthritis Boardman OH Knee Pain
Our knees are an incredibly important to our bodies in terms of them supporting all the daily activities that require weight bearing leg movements.  The knee joints move in a variety of ways as they flex, twist and bend while tolerating weight and allow us to jump, run, walk, and dance to name a few. Unfortunately, a knee injury is an inconvenient and painful occurrence because the affliction frequently prevents us from taking part in our daily lives. Fortunately, injections can effectively remedy the pain and inflammation that arises from damaged cartilage, ligaments and tendons in the knee.

The Elaborate Framework of the Knee

Knees are a complex part of the human body because the joint includes bones, connective tissue and muscles.  Since the knee’s design is meant to hold weight and promote movement, it is one of the largest joints in the body.  The complexity allows it to be the strongest joint but also more susceptible to acute injury or general wear and tear.

Knee Injuries and Arthritis

A severe knee injury is likely to swell and cause pain while chronic arthritis disease is another reason for intense knee pain to occur.  According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults older than 65 suffer from arthritis at a rate of almost 50 percent, which frequently sets off inflammation.  The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, and unfortunately, it can lead to degradation and swelling. When considering knee injections remember different injections are used depending on the injury or cause of the pain and discomfort.  Options include medications that decrease swelling and encourage healing as well as injections that loosen joints and block pain.

Knee Injections Recommended for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a chronic condition resulting in pain and degeneration that affects millions of Americans. At the moment one great recommendation for knee pain caused by osteoarthritis is the Supartz Natural Knee Fluid Replacement Therapy or Sodium Hyaluronate Knee Fluid Therapy which delivers a high level of active ingredient Hyaluronic Acid to your knee joint, providing proven pain relief.  Hyaluronan or Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that is found in the cartilage of joints as well as in the Synovial fluid (the fluid within the joints). In a healthy joint, Hyaluronan acts as both a lubricant as well as a shock absorber.  The Supartz injection is made up of a highly purified Sodium Hyaluronate which helps you in alleviating your pain, improving your mobility, and getting you back to your optimal activity level without surgical intervention.

How Does Sodium Hyaluronate Knee Fluid Therapy Work?

Osetoarthritis negatively affects the quality of synovial fluid and therefore it’s ability to protect and lubricate your joint. The goal of Knee Fluid Therapy is to supplement the poor quality of HA in your painful knee with additional highly purified HA.

What Will I Experience During the Procedure?

Supartz  or Natural Knee Fluid Replacement Therapy consists of natural injections into the knee that are painless.  Most often the injection is provided as an in office procedure.  The injection site will be cleaned prior to the insertion of the needle, and if the knee is swollen, then the doctor may extract fluid.  The physician will then administer the injection. Patients should understand the risks that injection results will vary based upon the degree of damage inflicted to the knee.  In addition, some treatments may include multiple injection sessions.  The best recommendation is to schedule a consultation with your physical medicine physician so they may be able to answer any questions and put your mind at rest about concerns that you may have in regards to this simple and safe procedure.

Ready to Help!

Our expert team offers a natural knee replacement treatment that has alleviated the pain of hundreds of wonderful people like yourselves.  So make sure to call today and jump back into the activities you love!

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